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In this blog, I focus on the methods, benefits, and challenges of personalizing the digital customer experience through use of recommendation systems, behavioral targeting, and targeted marketing. The blog is:
• Personalization for Leaders
• Personalization for Learners
• Personalization for Leaders and Learners who Need to Communicate
• Recommendation systems for Dummies and Experts who Need to Communicate


Susan Aldrich is a business/technology strategist with over 25 years of experience. Sue is a leading authority on discovery technology and methods, including recommendations, personalization, search, and navigation. She consults worldwide on web experience and customer experience management.

Sue helps her clients improve their cross-channel, cross-lifecycle customer experience, for both consumers and business customers, with an emphasis on optimizing business and customer outcomes.  Her consulting has taken her throughout the United States and abroad, working with retailers, manufacturing companies, distributors, financial services firms, cable companies, specialty industrial suppliers, and a wide variety of software, system and services companies in high tech.

Sue is an expert on optimizing the methods that help customers find what they need to make buying decisions and/or to solve problems.  She helps clients develop personalization, merchandising, discovery, and content management practices that will ensure customers can swiftly be presented the most engaging and useful information.

Sue welcomes calls at 617-659-2678.

I include watercolors by Charles Plaisted, a Boston-area artist because I believe we need more art in our lives. See examples of his work on tumblr or at

Back Narrows by Charles Plaisted

One Comment
  1. Tracy Mitchell Griggs permalink

    Interesting to read high powered brainiac’s take on data mining and customer engagement and I do agree that mobile platform improvement is essential for better conversion rates, but the best part of the site is the art. Then? I may be a bit biased 🙂
    I liked the sunrise/sunset image.

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