Will Sterling Compost Food Waste?

What do you think composting food waste in Sterling means? How do you think it would be done?   There are many approaches to composting, and I’ve been involved in researching the methods that would be the best fit for Sterling. A report commissioned earlier this year describes a primitive, town-managed operation that is wrongContinue reading “Will Sterling Compost Food Waste?”

Sterling’s Own Encyclopedia

It was a long time in the writing – and more than a year of reviewing and revising — but Sterling’s Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) is complete, state-approved, and available at the town website and Conant Public Library.  That’s actually kind of exciting for all of us, in addition to being a bigContinue reading “Sterling’s Own Encyclopedia”

MVP: Keeping Sterling’s Future

What makes Sterling strong?  Where is Sterling vulnerable? What are the most important actions to take to keep Sterling strong?  How are the answers to those questions affected by our changing climate? In September of 2020, 33 of us in Sterling participated in a workshop to answer these questions about our strengths, vulnerabilities, and priorities.Continue reading “MVP: Keeping Sterling’s Future”

Is Residential Solar a Good Deal for Sterling?

by Susan Aldrich Solar installations can be a pretty sweet deal. My solar system generates about a megawatt per month, which is in the ball park of what I use. The bill for my all-electric, 2,000 square foot, net-zero energy house is less than $20 per month, on average. Plus, I get about $4,000 perContinue reading “Is Residential Solar a Good Deal for Sterling?”

Keeping Sterling Strong

Here in Massachusetts, we didn’t need Coolidge or Eisenhower to remind us of our Yankee mantra: “Use it up, wear it out, make do, do without.”  This mantra contains the twin concepts of sustainability and resiliency. Sustainability and resiliency are related, but not the same. Here’s the difference. Imagine a town on the Cape thatContinue reading “Keeping Sterling Strong”