I see trends in three broad categories of agile customer experience tricks companies use to be responsive to customers’ desires: • Personalization, which adapts the relationship to the customer, adjusting the dialog between the business and the customer to streamline the customer experience • Customization, which adapts the product or service to the customer’s specificContinue reading “3 AGILITY SECRETS YOUR COMPETITORS KNOW ABOUT PERSONALIZED BUSINESS”

Retail Best Practices for Targeted Merchandising and Personalization

Targeted Merchandising Benefits Merchandising is the practice of maximizing sales by leveraging product design, packaging, pricing, display, and most importantly, selection. Targeted merchandising selects content (including products and offers) for consumers based on traits such as consumer context or behavior, or based on rules set by merchandisers. Targeted merchandising improves the customer experience and merchantContinue reading “Retail Best Practices for Targeted Merchandising and Personalization”

3 Best Practices for Web Experience Management

What is Web Experience Management? Web experience encompasses all types of digital interactions. We are accustomed to thinking of web interactions as taking place at a desk, using a PC. But today’s web-supported interactions also support interactions via mobile phones, tablets, email, chat, messaging, and kiosks. The web experience with a brand may occur onContinue reading “3 Best Practices for Web Experience Management”

Best Practice: Establish Merchandising Strategy to Meet Business and Customers’ Goals

In an earlier post, we listed three best practices for Targeted Merchandising. This post presents the three principles you will use to apply the Merchandising Strategy best practice. Your business goals should be reflected in every decision you make about your site. Your customers’ goals should be considered in every decision you make. These aren’tContinue reading “Best Practice: Establish Merchandising Strategy to Meet Business and Customers’ Goals”

Recommendations and Personalization in 2012

The recent explosion in software-as-a-service recommendation platforms has delivered a powerful personalization tool to marketers in every size company. “People who viewed this also viewed that” isn’t just for Amazon anymore. I see three evolutionary trends for personalization and recommendations in 2012: Convergence of recommendations, search and ads solutions Vendor consolidation Market expansion In thisContinue reading “Recommendations and Personalization in 2012”