Maxymiser’s Support for Personalization

Maxymiser is a digital marketing suite with solutions for optimization, testing and personalization. Products include MaxTEST, MaxSEGMENT, MaxPREDICT, MaxRECOMMEND, MaxSOCIAL, MaxMOBILE and MaxINSIGHT. These connect across a common UI and platform. The company was founded in 2006. It is headquartered in New York with offices in Chicago, Edinburgh, Dnipropetrovsk, Dusseldorf, London, Munich and San Francisco.Continue reading “Maxymiser’s Support for Personalization”

Apptus Personalization for Aimless and Directed Shoppers

Apptus is a software company intent on eliminating irrelevant information in communications with customers, via the tactics and technologies of personalization. It offers self-learning solutions for digital marketing and retailing. Aptus’s eSales solution offers targeted search and navigation, recommendations, merchandising and promotional content. Apptus was founded in Sweden in 2000, and now has clients inContinue reading “Apptus Personalization for Aimless and Directed Shoppers”

75% of Marketers Think Recommendations are Good Enough

If recommendations are so important, why don’t companies invest in making them more effective? In a recent survey by Adobe, 40% of ecommerce respondents have automated recom-mendations on their sites, or are in the throes of implementing them. Roughly 1 in 5 media and financial services companies are investing in automated recommendations. Yet, half ofContinue reading “75% of Marketers Think Recommendations are Good Enough”

3 Automation Questions for Recommendations Solution Providers

A decade ago I watched vendors of site search solutions teach customers new skills: how to manage synonyms and common misspellings, how to identify poorly performing searches and improve them, how to change their content to produce better search results, how to create and manage rules to control search, how to offer the right navigationContinue reading “3 Automation Questions for Recommendations Solution Providers”

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, God Dag, RichRelevance

On May 13, RichRelevance acquired Avail. This is very good news for RichRelevance. The combined company is now global, with customers in 29 countries. It is Numero Uno for personalization solutions in Internet Retailer’s rankings for USA and Europe. RichRelevance, founded 2006, is the leader in North American retail, serving a billion recommendations a day.Continue reading “Wilkommen, Bienvenue, God Dag, RichRelevance”

What is Personalization Worth?

As a consultant and researcher in personalization, I have a vested interest in asserting that personalization has immense value to an organization. But flabby assertions don’t help you understand what to invest, or the return on existing in-vestments, or progress toward a goal, or setting the goal to begin with. The leaders in personalization measure,Continue reading “What is Personalization Worth?”

Boggled by Botched Personalization

The forklift was the wakeup call, the image that proved my world is better personalized than I realized. Until yesterday, I thought the rudimentary personalization I routinely encounter mattered little to my experience. Sites I often visit always show me products I wouldn’t wear, articles I don’t want to read, items I would never buy.Continue reading “Boggled by Botched Personalization”

SMART: Closing the Revolving Google Door

You’re deep into a forum and encounter a post mentioning the product that will solve your problem. Or, you’re on a product page staring at a product that might solve your problem, but won’t feel convinced unless you can read a how-to article. Ideally, the information you want next would be available from a linkContinue reading “SMART: Closing the Revolving Google Door”

How to Avoid Sinkhole of Personalization

The success of recommender systems has rescued personalization from the scrapheap of technology fantasies. 1:1 was really exciting in the mid-90s, and lots of otherwise stable and rational people threw money and time at it. It didn’t work, and personalization became a four-letter word, one that didn’t shock so much as engender pity for theContinue reading “How to Avoid Sinkhole of Personalization”

Graphdive: Sociable Personalization

Not long after my Facebook initiation, I tried to access it from a hotel room far from home. Facebook felt it needed to verify my identity by showing me photos of three “friends” and asking me to identify them. The “friends” were all classmates from schooldays decades in the past: I couldn’t even match theirContinue reading “Graphdive: Sociable Personalization”