Evolution to Personalization: 3 Maturity Levels

How will you mature your digital marketing? If you expect to excel in your market via superior customer experience, targeting, or personalization, you need a culture of optimization – measuring, improving, and predicting. The strategy of using audience data to improve customer experience and optimize results has become this decade’s gold rush — for marketersContinue reading “Evolution to Personalization: 3 Maturity Levels”

Marketing in the Digital World

As customers, we experience digital transformation all the time—perhaps almost every day. In the past decade alone, the ways we consume music, movies, photography, news, retail, and travel have changed utterly. We are on the cusp of similar transformation of transportation and manufacturing, with the advent of onboard computers in cars, driverless cars, and 3DContinue reading “Marketing in the Digital World”

Agilent Personalization is Tactic, Not Strategy

This is the third of four blog posts detailing how Agilent answered those questions to achieve a successful, integrated, customer experience that supports marketing and pleases customers. Agilent does not have a personalization strategy. It has a customer engagement strategy, which employs the tactics of a personalized web page for customers and personalized communications. TheContinue reading “Agilent Personalization is Tactic, Not Strategy”

MyAgilent: Personal Portal Becomes Keystone of Effective Marketing

This is the second of four blog posts detailing how Agilent answered those questions to achieve a successful, integrated, customer experience that supports marketing and pleases customers. Over the past decade, Agilent recognized a growing need for deeper customer relationships. As in most B2B companies, customer relationships had traditionally been in the hands of theContinue reading “MyAgilent: Personal Portal Becomes Keystone of Effective Marketing”

B2B Personalization: Agilent’s Success Story

Agilent Technologies is a world-leading measurement company. Its singular focus on measurement helps scientists and engineers alike with its designs and manufacturing of scientific instrumentation. The company is organized into four business groups: Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Genomics, and Electronic Measurement. You might remember Agilent’s birth in 1999 as a spin-off from HP.Continue reading “B2B Personalization: Agilent’s Success Story”

Jeff Bezos’ Secret for Success: Get Better Every Day

It’s not a secret, and it isn’t Jeff’s, and now that Jeff’s name brought you, here it is: Work on getting better every day. In digital marketing, we call that optimization, and somehow it’s an activity that isn’t greeted as enthusiastically as, say, an afternoon at the driving range. Optimization efforts unquestionably improve conversion rates,Continue reading “Jeff Bezos’ Secret for Success: Get Better Every Day”

Leading Practices for Digital Marketing

A Survey can deliver insights, even if it doesn’t deliver a clear directive on practices. Adobe’s survey on optimization offers insights, concrete data, and some tantalizing hints—and also provokes a few important questions. As Kevin Lindsay observed in his latest Adobe blog post, optimization investments deliver competitive advantage. To whit: 61% of Adobe Target customersContinue reading “Leading Practices for Digital Marketing”

B2B Personalization: The New Baseline

Personalization in B2B is more complex than in B2C, and potentially even more rewarding. It is more complex because there are more people involved, and the relevant information is broader. The potential rewards are greater than B2C because the relationships tend to last longer and involve more revenue. Relationships are deeper because they are expensiveContinue reading “B2B Personalization: The New Baseline”

What is Personalization Worth?

As a consultant and researcher in personalization, I have a vested interest in asserting that personalization has immense value to an organization. But flabby assertions don’t help you understand what to invest, or the return on existing in-vestments, or progress toward a goal, or setting the goal to begin with. The leaders in personalization measure,Continue reading “What is Personalization Worth?”

Consumer-Driven Personalization at Khan Academy

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Salman Khan describe the purpose and history of Khan Academy. You can enjoy the story by viewing his TED talk. Khan Academy’s design began with the commitment to the metric that matters most to its customers: success in learning. That focus has resulted in creating a highlyContinue reading “Consumer-Driven Personalization at Khan Academy”