Evolution to Personalization: 3 Maturity Levels

How will you mature your digital marketing?

If you expect to excel in your market via superior customer experience, targeting, or personalization, you need a culture of optimization – measuring, improving, and predicting.

The strategy of using audience data to improve customer experience and optimize results has become this decade’s gold rush — for marketers and solution providers.The underpinning of that strategy will surely involve the technologies that come under the umbrella of optimization. 

When you’ve reached that step, you need to take the next quantum leap: a culture of personalization, embracing content strategy and curation, and automating the delivery of the right audience experience using prediction.

I attempt to explain the maturation via this prezi: (if you are new to prezi, you click “start prezi” and then use -> to move thru it; close your eyes if you get motion sickness…)













Published by Sue Aldrich

As a leading authority on worldwide customer requirements, practices, technologies, and governance for personalization, Sue researches the technologies and practices that help marketers get the most useful content in front of customers at the right moment: recommendations, search, discovery, targeted marketing, and web content management. Aldrich is an expert on optimizing the methods that help customers find what they need to make buying decisions and/or to solve problems. She helps clients develop personalization, marketing, discovery, and content management practices that will engage customers and improve results.

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