Ghost Writer in the Sky

I will make you look as awesome as you actually are.

Publishing a blog entry is high priority, but most likely the only time you have to write is “not now.” “Not now” looks a lot like “never,” but with less finality and frustration.

Your blog article is so important because of the high demand for your knowledge and insight. That high demand is also exerted by virtually everyone around you, especially as regards your time: “We need your help, and we need it now.” Small wonder that blogging is relegated to “not now.”

You need a ghost writer.

You need someone who can deliver your engaging voice, your profound insights, and your sparkling message.

Talk to me for an hour, and I will create the article that you could write if the other demands on your time allowed you.

My process will seem simple and efficient. Your marketing fills me in on what is to be accomplished, and points me to a few relevant sources of information. I start my research there, and get smart on your topic before we talk. An hour, or sometimes less, should be enough to kick off my writing. We review and revise until you are happy, which is usually one or two turns of the crank.

Here are some examples.

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