Practically Personal

How personal should you make the customer experiences you deliver? How personal can you make customer experiences? In a previous post we described how a guy who doesn’t ski reacts to images on an ecommerce site of a woman skiing.  He believes he’d respond more if shown something he can relate to. If we somehowContinue reading “Practically Personal”

Evolution to Personalization: 3 Maturity Levels

How will you mature your digital marketing? If you expect to excel in your market via superior customer experience, targeting, or personalization, you need a culture of optimization – measuring, improving, and predicting. The strategy of using audience data to improve customer experience and optimize results has become this decade’s gold rush — for marketersContinue reading “Evolution to Personalization: 3 Maturity Levels”

Untargeted (and Undirected) Advertising

Isn’t this a lovely map? I call it an Ad-Map, and I sometimes use them to get about a strange town. Businesses pay to be listed, tourists get an orientation. Tragically, at least for advertisers and tourists, maps such as this are of little use. Advertisers in each category are listed in seemingly random order. Numbers onContinue reading “Untargeted (and Undirected) Advertising”

Google Offer for Nobody

My weather app offered me this banner this morning: OK, Google, take me to the nearest hair salon. (Try it now) I’ve been looking for a new salon. “Nearest” has never been in my criteria. Under 10 miles would be a plus, but “nearest”, nope. Granted, there are certainly people who LOOK as though that was howContinue reading “Google Offer for Nobody”

New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks

Adobe wants you to optimize your site, continuously improving content and appearance to achieve your business goals. Optimization is good for you: Adobe Target is responsible for increasing revenue to all of its users by $100M. And it’s good for Adobe, because your success drives Adobe’s success. Adobe’s latest release of Target removes four substantialContinue reading “New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks”

Locayta’s UI for Personalization

Tasks I want dinner, but first I need a recipe and groceries. And that means I need to find my car keys. If this was Apple software, the UI would be all about dinner and I’d be feeling it was all so stylish. If it were legacy IBM, the UI would be all about placesContinue reading “Locayta’s UI for Personalization”

Locayta’s Personalization Approach

Whether you choose bread with a few large holes, many small holes, or densely packed with no holes depends on how you plan to use it, as well as your habits and preferences. Your choice of personalization solution is a choice of the holes you’ll live with (or try to fill), as well as aContinue reading “Locayta’s Personalization Approach”

Agilent Personalization is Tactic, Not Strategy

This is the third of four blog posts detailing how Agilent answered those questions to achieve a successful, integrated, customer experience that supports marketing and pleases customers. Agilent does not have a personalization strategy. It has a customer engagement strategy, which employs the tactics of a personalized web page for customers and personalized communications. TheContinue reading “Agilent Personalization is Tactic, Not Strategy”

MyAgilent: Personal Portal Becomes Keystone of Effective Marketing

This is the second of four blog posts detailing how Agilent answered those questions to achieve a successful, integrated, customer experience that supports marketing and pleases customers. Over the past decade, Agilent recognized a growing need for deeper customer relationships. As in most B2B companies, customer relationships had traditionally been in the hands of theContinue reading “MyAgilent: Personal Portal Becomes Keystone of Effective Marketing”

B2B Personalization: Agilent’s Success Story

Agilent Technologies is a world-leading measurement company. Its singular focus on measurement helps scientists and engineers alike with its designs and manufacturing of scientific instrumentation. The company is organized into four business groups: Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Genomics, and Electronic Measurement. You might remember Agilent’s birth in 1999 as a spin-off from HP.Continue reading “B2B Personalization: Agilent’s Success Story”