Digital Transformation: Turnaround at Malaysia Airlines

[with co-author Patricia Seybold, CEO Patricia Seybold Group] Leaders in digital transformation foster a culture of experimentation, customer experience management supported by mature optimization programs, and measurements relevant to their goals. They demonstrate how an integrated platform, skilled people, and mature optimization capabilities are the keys to success. One such leader is Dean Dacko, SVPContinue reading “Digital Transformation: Turnaround at Malaysia Airlines”

New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks

Adobe wants you to optimize your site, continuously improving content and appearance to achieve your business goals. Optimization is good for you: Adobe Target is responsible for increasing revenue to all of its users by $100M. And it’s good for Adobe, because your success drives Adobe’s success. Adobe’s latest release of Target removes four substantialContinue reading “New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks”

Pinning Your Dreams on Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe is keen on personalization. Personalization has featured prominently in its marketing messages in recent years. Its solutions, especially Adobe Target, provide the underpinnings for creating and delivering a personalized experience. And in its announcements last week of Adobe Marketing Cloud enhancements now in beta, it delivered the interfaces for its clients – marketers—to personalizeContinue reading “Pinning Your Dreams on Adobe Marketing Cloud”