The Right Questions for Personalization Success

“I’m a guy, and I don’t ski. Why are you showing me pictures of a woman skiing?” I wish I could remember the name of the man who said this, because it is a great summary of the customer perspective of personalization. The implication is, he’d be more responsive to offers that featured guys doingContinue reading “The Right Questions for Personalization Success”

New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks

Adobe wants you to optimize your site, continuously improving content and appearance to achieve your business goals. Optimization is good for you: Adobe Target is responsible for increasing revenue to all of its users by $100M. And it’s good for Adobe, because your success drives Adobe’s success. Adobe’s latest release of Target removes four substantialContinue reading “New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks”

Leading Practices for Digital Marketing

A Survey can deliver insights, even if it doesn’t deliver a clear directive on practices. Adobe’s survey on optimization offers insights, concrete data, and some tantalizing hints—and also provokes a few important questions. As Kevin Lindsay observed in his latest Adobe blog post, optimization investments deliver competitive advantage. To whit: 61% of Adobe Target customersContinue reading “Leading Practices for Digital Marketing”