Practically Personal

How personal should you make the customer experiences you deliver? How personal can you make customer experiences? In a previous post we described how a guy who doesn’t ski reacts to images on an ecommerce site of a woman skiing.  He believes he’d respond more if shown something he can relate to. If we somehowContinue reading “Practically Personal”

Remodeling Infrastructure Management

We are in the throes of rewriting what IT infrastructure is. The shift to the cloud changes what we pay for, how we budget and plan costs, what is costly, what can be managed, what can be predicted, how quickly systems are deployed, how easily systems are moved or replicated or recovered. This means thatContinue reading “Remodeling Infrastructure Management”

The Future of Machine Learning

Row of Trees 3 by Charles Plaisted Interview with Tom Mitchell 12/15/16 Having read Tom Mitchell’s great article “Machine learning: Trends, perspectives and prospects” published in Science in July 2015, I wanted an update. He graciously submitted to an interview. Tom M. Mitchell is a computer scientist and E. Fredkin University Professor at Carnegie MellonContinue reading “The Future of Machine Learning”