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October 30, 2012

3 tactics for personalization

Your competitors are using 3 great tricks –personalization, customization, and/or targeted marketing– to get and keep customers.

I see trends in three broad categories of agile customer experience tricks companies use to be responsive to customers’ desires:
• Personalization, which adapts the relationship to the customer, adjusting the dialog between the business and the customer to streamline the customer experience
• Customization, which adapts the product or service to the customer’s specific needs
• Targeting and segmentation, which adjust marketing methods and messages for subsets of customers (segments or audiences)

In almost every case, your customers and prospective customers have alternatives to doing business with you. Competitors may be engaging customers in a very effective and personalized dialogue, or taking the opposite tack and offering a generic, no-frills experience. Competitors may be offering products or services that customers can customize to their needs. And they may be trawling for business with carefully targeted marketing campaigns.

Which of these tricks does your business use? Which agile customer experience tricks are your competitors using to strengthen their position, and weaken yours: personalization, customization, and/or targeted marketing?

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  1. Very good insight

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