The Science of Personalization: Guess, but Test

Not long ago I worked with a stomach-driven organization. A stomach-driven marketing organization starts the day with a guess. Red! Make all the pages red, customers will buy! The team scrambles, the pages are red. No buying? It’s the weather. Lots of buying? It’s the red. Being stomach-driven worked when your competitors were also stomach-driven.Continue reading “The Science of Personalization: Guess, but Test”

Seeing Your Personalization Vision

An important early step in developing your personalization strategy is articulating, communicating, and committing to a vision. I’m not talking about a mission-statement kind of vision, or a string of wonderful words that make everyone feel good. I’m talking about having a clear idea of what the personalized experience will be like for your customers,Continue reading “Seeing Your Personalization Vision”

4 Steps to Personalization Success

Personalization is gardening. It’s energizing to image the garden in all its perfection. But after you plant it, you have to take care of it. Probably nearly every day. You’re not done until you decide you don’t want it any more. Companies unsuccessful with personalization think buying technology is enough. Or adding product recommendations toContinue reading “4 Steps to Personalization Success”

Agile, Engaging Customer Experience: Who’s Catching the Frisbee?

Is your customer experience agile, or inflexible? Even with constant vigilance, companies create customer experiences that are harder than they need to be. Instead of creating an agile customer experience that leaps and turns in response to customer context, actions and desire, a rigid customer experience demands agility from customers who leap and twist toContinue reading “Agile, Engaging Customer Experience: Who’s Catching the Frisbee?”


Targeted marketing adapts a company’s messaging to what marketers believe to be the needs of what they imagine to be a group of customers. Typically, the marketing team identifies segments of the population that are important to the company, and sketches personas that represent each segment. Marketing then makes its best guess as to theContinue reading “AGILITY TRICK #3: TARGETING PLUS PERSONALIZATION”


Customization alters the design, features, or behavior of a product or service to suit a customer. Customization is directed by the customer. The what, how and when of customization is enabled by the business. Customization can occur before a product is manufactured, as a product or service is packaged, as it is delivered, or onceContinue reading “AGILITY TRICK #2: CUSTOMIZATION AND PERSONALIZATION”


When companies adapt their customer experience to best serve the individual customer, using recommendation systems, behavioral targeting or other methods, this is what I call personalization. Face to face with the customer, this may take the form of recognizing the person, acknowledging the type and duration of the relationship, bypassing steps in the business pro-cess,Continue reading “AGILITY TRICK #1: PERSONALIZATION”


I see trends in three broad categories of agile customer experience tricks companies use to be responsive to customers’ desires: • Personalization, which adapts the relationship to the customer, adjusting the dialog between the business and the customer to streamline the customer experience • Customization, which adapts the product or service to the customer’s specificContinue reading “3 AGILITY SECRETS YOUR COMPETITORS KNOW ABOUT PERSONALIZED BUSINESS”