Will Sterling Compost Food Waste?

What do you think composting food waste in Sterling means? How do you think it would be done?   There are many approaches to composting, and I’ve been involved in researching the methods that would be the best fit for Sterling. A report commissioned earlier this year describes a primitive, town-managed operation that is wrongContinue reading “Will Sterling Compost Food Waste?”

Who is Sterling?

Most likely, “Sterling” is a 53-year-old white woman born in Massachusetts earning $73,000 per year from her professional career, living with 2 other people in the $340,000, oil-heated home she owns.  Mrs. Sterling is a composite based on census data and estimates. But as we know, averages don’t tell the whole story. After all, theContinue reading “Who is Sterling?”

Did You Know…Why the Big Rains in Sterling?

Has it ever rained as hard,  as often, as it has this year?  I keep saying, “I have never seen it rain this hard, ever.”  It isn’t just raining cats and dogs, it’s been raining bobcats and wolfhounds.  Well, it’s not just my imagination. There are facts, and some pretty reliable predictions, telling us thatContinue reading “Did You Know…Why the Big Rains in Sterling?”

Keeping Sterling Our Emerald Gem

Did you know … how much open space we have in Sterling? If you took a helicopter ride at Sterling Fair this year, you surely noticed that Sterling’s 30 square miles (19,539 acres) is gloriously green: nearly two-thirds of Sterling‘s land is forest or farms. And blue: we have  808 acres of water. Agriculture isContinue reading “Keeping Sterling Our Emerald Gem”