Use Cases in Cloud Infrastructure Management

Well, with a snappy title like that,  I expect I am now all alone in this room. 😉

My cloud research this year will be focused on use cases in two areas: consumption and service. I will delve into the tasks involved, and how commercially available tooling addresses those tasks.

Consumption and Cost Management

  • Application cost performance review
  • Cost and capacity planning

Service Management

  • Service level evaluation and planning
  • Availability and fault recovery planning
  • Operations Automation

Evaluation Areas:

  • Desired outcome of the activity
  • Business and infrastructure impact of the activity
  • Roles involved
  • Tasks involved
  • What problems/aspects of the activity are addressed by a vendor solution
  • How a given solution contributes to the activity- what it does, how it works
  • Overview of tech/architecture/interfaces/data
  • Vendor’s target market, pricing, strategy

Published by Sue Aldrich

As a leading authority on worldwide customer requirements, practices, technologies, and governance for personalization, Sue researches the technologies and practices that help marketers get the most useful content in front of customers at the right moment: recommendations, search, discovery, targeted marketing, and web content management. Aldrich is an expert on optimizing the methods that help customers find what they need to make buying decisions and/or to solve problems. She helps clients develop personalization, marketing, discovery, and content management practices that will engage customers and improve results.

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