Predictive and Prescriptive: Content Marketing with Adobe Social

Adobe Social aims to predict the content that will best engage any individual.
Adobe Social aims to predict the content that will best engage any individual, further personalizing the user experience.

On April 24, Adobe trumpeted a new feature of Adobe Social to further personalize the customer experience. Adobe Social is now able to recommend content that will best engage a Facebook visitor, using predictions based on sentiment analysis and text mining. The recommendations select the content as well as the timing of its delivery.

The feature is currently in beta, and is expected to be generally released in a few months. Additional social platforms will be supported in the future.

I’m all in favor of anything that improves the quality of my customer experience. The new Adobe Social feature promises an incremental improvement to my Facebook moments, which have been trending sharply downward recently. (It’s not so much the ads as the evident decline in FB activity from all my friends. A case of “been there, done that?”) Perhaps you digital marketing wizards will offer content compelling enough to bring me back.

For marketers, the Adobe Social feature provides the tools to improve their results as well as the data to track progress. Success will be less of a crapshoot when the content and its timing are selected based on analysis rather than guess.

I look forward to the day when the whole process is automated, and marketers can trust their tools enough to step back and watch the dance.

Published by Sue Aldrich

As a leading authority on worldwide customer requirements, practices, technologies, and governance for personalization, Sue researches the technologies and practices that help marketers get the most useful content in front of customers at the right moment: recommendations, search, discovery, targeted marketing, and web content management. Aldrich is an expert on optimizing the methods that help customers find what they need to make buying decisions and/or to solve problems. She helps clients develop personalization, marketing, discovery, and content management practices that will engage customers and improve results.

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