How You Know Your Registration Forms Need Work

It took perhaps 9 tries, and 12 minutes, to register at OK, I admit I am not patient with reading instructions, especially about what constitutes an acceptable ID (because no one wants to use their email address!). But I got the rules down by the third try, which does not explain tries 4-8. Nothing, in fact, explains them. My frustration mounted as I repeatedly chose yet another ID, entered my password (itself a minor skirmish), re-entered my password, accepted terms, and confirmed the address.

In a venting moment, I chose an ID that finally met UPS rules. And here it is, the way you can tell your own registration forms need work   (…expletive deleted…):

The ID   I….HateU is in use

Try I…hateu2

If you’ve ever wondered why your users choose such nasty IDs, take this post as a hint.  Here is the ID I settled on, which I think is much less ambiguous:  thisappsucks. Now if I can just recall it when I need it.

Published by Sue Aldrich

As a leading authority on worldwide customer requirements, practices, technologies, and governance for personalization, Sue researches the technologies and practices that help marketers get the most useful content in front of customers at the right moment: recommendations, search, discovery, targeted marketing, and web content management. Aldrich is an expert on optimizing the methods that help customers find what they need to make buying decisions and/or to solve problems. She helps clients develop personalization, marketing, discovery, and content management practices that will engage customers and improve results.

3 thoughts on “How You Know Your Registration Forms Need Work

  1. Hi Sue I totally agree with this frustration… other than sticking my thumb in my belly button, which somehow allows one to vent one’s #^* anger! Cheers, Mel


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