Data Science CSF: Commitment from the Top

Trolling for powerful backers. Wellington, New Zealand Committment from the top is critical to the success of┬ádata science initiatives. Not surprising, since most efforts that have a broad impact in an organization need that commitment. Commitment means that top management places enough priority and value on the initiative that its resources (time, attention, labor, capital,Continue reading “Data Science CSF: Commitment from the Top”

Better Know a Data Scientist

Michel Manago is CEO of Kiolis, a Paris-based startup that develops software for personalization and recommendation. I interviewed Michel about the MyCoachNutrition project, which applies case-based reasoning and collaborative filtering technologies to guide subscribers to eat and exercise well. It strikes me that the project combines 3 of Michel’s keenest interests: algorithms, starting companies, andContinue reading “Better Know a Data Scientist”