The 6 Obstacles to Using Data Science

It would be great if we all had data to drive our decisions and processes — and used it. But the obstacles are so daunting that most of us can’t. Here are the top 6:

  1. Leadership from the top is mostly lacking.
  2. Data quality issues are omnipresent.
  3. Data science in marketing is not established (it may exist for production operations).
  4. Marketing lacks the technology platform for effective lead generation. Among the best prepared, the technology platform is full of holes.
  5. Operational tasks and organizational responsibilities are not identified and assigned.
  6. Skills for developing and executing methods to create data, analyze it, and communicate findings are very scarce.

Published by Sue Aldrich

I'm a talented writer who connects business goals with technology, to get your message across through readable and engaging content. I have expertise in personalization, customer experience, journey optimization, recommendations, and search. I also research and write articles on sustainability for my hometown newspaper, Sterling Meetinghouse News.

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