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The Tragedy of Targeted Marketing and Personalization

January 21, 2015

OK, not really a tragedy. But a source of tremendous pain for many: targeted marketing, and personalization, are the antithesis of one size fits all. And this means you need an assortment for every bit of content that personalizes your customer experience. Not one walnut, but 7 or 8 or dozens.

Having lots of content alternates, and using them, means you have:

  1. A content strategy
  2. A content plan
  3. Lots of content
  4. A system for associating specific content with specific experiences
  5. A method for tracking and improving the results of applying specific content to specific experiences

Not necessarily a tough nut to crack, but far from simple.

One Comment
  1. Adrian Gordon permalink

    An alternative view is that retailers should focus first and foremost on personalising products, not content. You’re 100% right to highlight the difficulties of generating and targeting content, but the advantage with personalising product assortments is that the ‘content’ already exists. Alas, most retailers have yet to successfully crack this particular nut, either …

    Kind regards,


    Online Merchandising Consultant

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