Align pages
Align business gulls with customer gulls, and then assign to pages. 😉
Sea Gulls by Charles Plaisted

I’ve already talked about the importance of aligning business goals with customer goals. The most manageable and effective way to accomplish this is by assigning a page type to each customer goal and business goal. Of course, all customer goals, and all business goals, could be addressed on any page. But that confuses everyone. Your pages can’t be simultaneously encourage Buy this now! Sign up for our loyalty program! Put more in the cart! Refer your friends! Get the warranty! Learn how to use this thing!

A wise marketer once told me, “One email, one message.” I think that pretty much sums it up for web pages as well.

When each page aligns with goals, I think it’s easier to choose the marketing tactics for the page. Here’s how I see the goals/pages/tactics line up:

Customer Goal Business Goal Page Type Suggested Tactics
Research what’s on offer to satisfy my need Customer acquisition Dynamic landing pages Demonstrate that you have what this customer needs, and that you are a reliable business
Compare and consider alternatives Margin Category page, Search results page Steer customer toward attractive but profitable items
Buy Revenue Product detail, Shopping cart Reassure customer that this is a good choice, and he’s getting a good deal
Realize the benefits of the purchase Customer retention Order confirmation, Retargeting, Newsletters Demonstrate we value the relationship by providing information and keeping in touch; Keep inviting the customer back with useful information and enticing offers.
Plan next purchase Customer retention Order history, My Account Keep inviting the customer back with useful information and enticing offers.

Your next step is to deploy offers and recommendations in support of your tactics. For example, the tactic of inviting the customer back with useful information might be implemented as notification to B2B customers that an item they purchase is about to be discontinued; and also by showing available alternates when they look for the discontinued item on category pages or order history pages.

Of course, you’ll be thoroughly testing these with real visitors and monitoring what happens.


Published by Sue Aldrich

I'm a talented writer who connects business goals with technology, to get your message across through readable and engaging content. I have expertise in personalization, customer experience, journey optimization, recommendations, and search. I also research and write articles on sustainability for my hometown newspaper, Sterling Meetinghouse News.


  1. Hello Sue hanks so much… this message really strikes a chord in this day and age… I’ve been wondering WTF i should do to improv my website to attract custom. These last tips are succinct and give me direction. Best Regards Mel P.S. Please send me your photo links, Adelel has them but doesn’t always remember to show them to me.

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