Loving/Hating Digital Small-Town Life

“Why, o why, cant’ shopping online be more like going to the corner store, where they know me, know what I buy, and give me personal service?” Online shopping critiques nearly always include this plaintive plea. Sometimes a site is applauded for coming close, some of the time. More often, a site or company isContinue reading “Loving/Hating Digital Small-Town Life”


2013 Prediction: Initiatives to Regulate Privacy #fail

Attempts to regulate consumer privacy will have no more than an emotional impact in 2013. Meaningful restrictions on data collection by advertisers and publishers will not happen, as legislators and regulators fail to achieve consensus and citizen support. Here are three reasons regulatory initiatives will not have any real impact in 2013. First, persistence andContinue reading “2013 Prediction: Initiatives to Regulate Privacy #fail”

3 Things You Don’t Know About Your Personal Information

What Does it Mean to Own Our Private Information? You probably know that your personal information is collected, used, and sold by advertisers on the web. You understand that this is why you repeatedly see the same ad, which demonstrates Every One knows you want to buy Fox Head’s new Rampage Pro Carbon bike. IfContinue reading “3 Things You Don’t Know About Your Personal Information”

I, Target: Hazy Profiles Preserve Privacy?

Am I target, or waste? Is it important to know? Is it important to control the decision? Consumers’ privacy is eroded by the ascendency of online advertisers’ power and prowess. Not only do advertisers know much more about you than you know or permit, they will use it in ways you don’t like, can’t predict,Continue reading “I, Target: Hazy Profiles Preserve Privacy?”