4 Customer Profile Questions for Evaluating Your Personalization Solution

Personalization is a concept open to wide interpretation – its meaning seems to be, well, personal. One man’s integrated marketing is another man’s personalized customer experience. But at heart, personalization is about persons. And this is why the customer profile is, or should be, at the heart of anything calling itself a personalization solution. HereContinue reading “4 Customer Profile Questions for Evaluating Your Personalization Solution”


Wilkommen, Bienvenue, God Dag, RichRelevance

On May 13, RichRelevance acquired Avail. This is very good news for RichRelevance. The combined company is now global, with customers in 29 countries. It is Numero Uno for personalization solutions in Internet Retailer’s rankings for USA and Europe. RichRelevance, founded 2006, is the leader in North American retail, serving a billion recommendations a day.Continue reading “Wilkommen, Bienvenue, God Dag, RichRelevance”

SMART: Closing the Revolving Google Door

You’re deep into a forum and encounter a post mentioning the product that will solve your problem. Or, you’re on a product page staring at a product that might solve your problem, but won’t feel convinced unless you can read a how-to article. Ideally, the information you want next would be available from a linkContinue reading “SMART: Closing the Revolving Google Door”

Graphdive: Sociable Personalization

Not long after my Facebook initiation, I tried to access it from a hotel room far from home. Facebook felt it needed to verify my identity by showing me photos of three “friends” and asking me to identify them. The “friends” were all classmates from schooldays decades in the past: I couldn’t even match theirContinue reading “Graphdive: Sociable Personalization”

Personalized and Dynamic RichContent

I’m a girl, and I don’t ski. Why would you show me skis and images of a guy skiing? Well, two reasons: your site doesn’t recognize me, and can’t select and deliver the appropriate con-tent. Yesterday, RichRelevance released RichContent, a new offering in its Rich- family of solutions which aims at mitigating both of thoseContinue reading “Personalized and Dynamic RichContent”

Pinning Your Dreams on Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe is keen on personalization. Personalization has featured prominently in its marketing messages in recent years. Its solutions, especially Adobe Target, provide the underpinnings for creating and delivering a personalized experience. And in its announcements last week of Adobe Marketing Cloud enhancements now in beta, it delivered the interfaces for its clients – marketers—to personalizeContinue reading “Pinning Your Dreams on Adobe Marketing Cloud”

Top 5 Factors in Choosing a Recommendation System

I have published detailed requirements for recommendations systems, with at least a hundred questions you should consider when evaluating a solution. But a hundred details is not where you want to start your technology selection process. You start by narrowing your focus to find your most likely partners. I think there are just five factorsContinue reading “Top 5 Factors in Choosing a Recommendation System”

Certona’s Resonance Personalization Platform: Saving Retailers’ Wetware

Today’s marketers suffer from incomplete digital marketing platforms. They need many tools to support marketing functions across the channels and touchpoints their customers use. In fact, the current solution landscape offers too many tools, each its own silo. The result is that marketing teams find themselves using an artisanal marketing platform. Artisanal + food =Continue reading “Certona’s Resonance Personalization Platform: Saving Retailers’ Wetware”

Disruption in Advertising: Avail for Campaigns

Avail Intelligence is poised to accelerate a looming disruption in advertising. Its new advertising service, Avail for Campaigns, shifts power – and margin – to its clients, and away from advertising exchanges and agencies. Avail Intelligence, a veteran among the providers of recommendation services, has expanded their portfolio – and their underlying technology platform –Continue reading “Disruption in Advertising: Avail for Campaigns”

Eagle Eyes on the Future: 3 Trends for 2013

image link In December I began posting interviews with leading technologists in the recommendations and personalization arena, asking their opinions on trends and futures. The experts were largely in agreement about where this digital marketing niche is headed. Their predictions for 2013 and the future highlight 3 trends that have already begun to emerge: mainstreamContinue reading “Eagle Eyes on the Future: 3 Trends for 2013”