Data Science and Not-So-Big Data

Statisticians joke (yes, they do!) that half the job is wrestling the data into shape, half is performing useful analyses, and half is explaining the findings. The data wrestling too often expands to consume all my time, leaving me too ennervated to find any findings. Big Data is what got everyone so excited about data science. But BiggerContinue reading “Data Science and Not-So-Big Data”

Data Scientist: Your New PartNerd

Inescapable: data science delivers the insights you need in order to be effective with digital marketing. Short-term avoidable: hiring a data scientist. Embraceable: Your new data scientist.Creative people and data science people should work together all day, every day, until they can understand each other, with a shared vision and shared vocabulary. Your data scientist must beContinue reading “Data Scientist: Your New PartNerd”

The Tragedy of Targeted Marketing and Personalization

OK, not really a tragedy. But a source of tremendous pain for many: targeted marketing, and personalization, are the antithesis of one size fits all. And this means you need an assortment for every bit of content that personalizes your customer experience. Not one walnut, but 7 or 8 or dozens. Having lots of contentContinue reading “The Tragedy of Targeted Marketing and Personalization”

The 6 Obstacles to Using Data Science

It would be great if we all had data to drive our decisions and processes — and used it. But the obstacles are so daunting that most of us can’t. Here are the top 6: Leadership from the top is mostly lacking. Data quality issues are omnipresent. Data science in marketing is not established (itContinue reading “The 6 Obstacles to Using Data Science”

Data Science’s Top Attraction: Lead Gen

Data science, a nascent skill for most organizations, has so much to offer. But for a marketing person, the big excitement is what it can do for lead generation. And, oh, BTW, customer experience. Because a better customer experience can really boost your lead gen results… Interviews with two dozen people, mostly marketing managers and executives, on theContinue reading “Data Science’s Top Attraction: Lead Gen”

Data-driven Decisions? I’ll get back to you later.

Who wouldn’t love love love having data to support decision-making? Interviews with two dozen people, mostly marketing managers and executives, on the subject of data-driven decision making, reveal deep-seated ambivalence. There are valid reasons to reject the value of data for decisions. Data quality is a pain point for everyone, and quality may be so poor thatContinue reading “Data-driven Decisions? I’ll get back to you later.”

2 Surprises in Data Science Jobs

1. Surprise, the tools of data science, such as hadoop, python, and SAS, are far down on the popularity list of skills words. No surprise, the ideal candidate has experience, and uses computers and statistics. My take: hiring a data scientist is unfamiliar to most companies, so it feels risky. Managers are not confident ofContinue reading “2 Surprises in Data Science Jobs”

New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks

Adobe wants you to optimize your site, continuously improving content and appearance to achieve your business goals. Optimization is good for you: Adobe Target is responsible for increasing revenue to all of its users by $100M. And it’s good for Adobe, because your success drives Adobe’s success. Adobe’s latest release of Target removes four substantialContinue reading “New Adobe Target Eases Optimization Tasks”

Locayta’s UI for Personalization

Tasks I want dinner, but first I need a recipe and groceries. And that means I need to find my car keys. If this was Apple software, the UI would be all about dinner and I’d be feeling it was all so stylish. If it were legacy IBM, the UI would be all about placesContinue reading “Locayta’s UI for Personalization”

Locayta’s Personalization Approach

Whether you choose bread with a few large holes, many small holes, or densely packed with no holes depends on how you plan to use it, as well as your habits and preferences. Your choice of personalization solution is a choice of the holes you’ll live with (or try to fill), as well as aContinue reading “Locayta’s Personalization Approach”