Is Your Targeted Marketing Making My Job Easier?

I had the opportunity this weekend to listen as customers encountered a newly personalized customer experience. Each customer was presented with a web page of content entirely selected based on his or her profile. When asked if they valued the News email they received, the answer was no, it is so rarely relevant it’s notContinue reading “Is Your Targeted Marketing Making My Job Easier?”

Predictive and Prescriptive: Content Marketing with Adobe Social

On April 24, Adobe trumpeted a new feature of Adobe Social to further personalize the customer experience. Adobe Social is now able to recommend content that will best engage a Facebook visitor, using predictions based on sentiment analysis and text mining. The recommendations select the content as well as the timing of its delivery. TheContinue reading “Predictive and Prescriptive: Content Marketing with Adobe Social”

B2B Personalization: The New Baseline

Personalization in B2B is more complex than in B2C, and potentially even more rewarding. It is more complex because there are more people involved, and the relevant information is broader. The potential rewards are greater than B2C because the relationships tend to last longer and involve more revenue. Relationships are deeper because they are expensiveContinue reading “B2B Personalization: The New Baseline”

What is Personalization Worth?

As a consultant and researcher in personalization, I have a vested interest in asserting that personalization has immense value to an organization. But flabby assertions don’t help you understand what to invest, or the return on existing in-vestments, or progress toward a goal, or setting the goal to begin with. The leaders in personalization measure,Continue reading “What is Personalization Worth?”

Boggled by Botched Personalization

The forklift was the wakeup call, the image that proved my world is better personalized than I realized. Until yesterday, I thought the rudimentary personalization I routinely encounter mattered little to my experience. Sites I often visit always show me products I wouldn’t wear, articles I don’t want to read, items I would never buy.Continue reading “Boggled by Botched Personalization”

SMART: Closing the Revolving Google Door

You’re deep into a forum and encounter a post mentioning the product that will solve your problem. Or, you’re on a product page staring at a product that might solve your problem, but won’t feel convinced unless you can read a how-to article. Ideally, the information you want next would be available from a linkContinue reading “SMART: Closing the Revolving Google Door”

How to Avoid Sinkhole of Personalization

The success of recommender systems has rescued personalization from the scrapheap of technology fantasies. 1:1 was really exciting in the mid-90s, and lots of otherwise stable and rational people threw money and time at it. It didn’t work, and personalization became a four-letter word, one that didn’t shock so much as engender pity for theContinue reading “How to Avoid Sinkhole of Personalization”

Graphdive: Sociable Personalization

Not long after my Facebook initiation, I tried to access it from a hotel room far from home. Facebook felt it needed to verify my identity by showing me photos of three “friends” and asking me to identify them. The “friends” were all classmates from schooldays decades in the past: I couldn’t even match theirContinue reading “Graphdive: Sociable Personalization”

Personalized and Dynamic RichContent

I’m a girl, and I don’t ski. Why would you show me skis and images of a guy skiing? Well, two reasons: your site doesn’t recognize me, and can’t select and deliver the appropriate con-tent. Yesterday, RichRelevance released RichContent, a new offering in its Rich- family of solutions which aims at mitigating both of thoseContinue reading “Personalized and Dynamic RichContent”