Maxymiser’s UI for Optimization and Personalization

This is a rather long post describing Maxymiser’s UI, and how it supports key tasks for Maxymiser’s clients. Maxymiser is a digital marketing suite with solutions for optimization, testing and personalization. Products include MaxTEST, MaxSEGMENT, MaxPREDICT, MaxRECOMMEND, MaxSOCIAL, MaxMOBILE and MaxINSIGHT. These connect across a common UI and platform. The company was founded in 2006.Continue reading “Maxymiser’s UI for Optimization and Personalization”

Jeff Bezos’ Secret for Success: Get Better Every Day

It’s not a secret, and it isn’t Jeff’s, and now that Jeff’s name brought you, here it is: Work on getting better every day. In digital marketing, we call that optimization, and somehow it’s an activity that isn’t greeted as enthusiastically as, say, an afternoon at the driving range. Optimization efforts unquestionably improve conversion rates,Continue reading “Jeff Bezos’ Secret for Success: Get Better Every Day”

Leading Practices for Digital Marketing

A Survey can deliver insights, even if it doesn’t deliver a clear directive on practices. Adobe’s survey on optimization offers insights, concrete data, and some tantalizing hints—and also provokes a few important questions. As Kevin Lindsay observed in his latest Adobe blog post, optimization investments deliver competitive advantage. To whit: 61% of Adobe Target customersContinue reading “Leading Practices for Digital Marketing”

Geotargeting: Killing App for Personalization

One of the many fantastic benefits of the digital age is staying connected with your life, even when far from home. Geotargeting is a deadly assault on that promise of a digital home-away-from-home. I’ve been travelling for some months, and feeling frustrated. When I ask for [whatever].com, I want the .com version. Not the localContinue reading “Geotargeting: Killing App for Personalization”

The 3 Things Your Recommendation Solution Should Tell You – but Doesn’t

I am not talking about Reporting: canned reports are about as appealing as canned spinach. I am talking about communicating with all staff impacted by recommendations. The solutions typically have a dashboard to communicate the information the vendor thinks is important, presented as… online, navigable reports. No dashboard has just the information you need. YouContinue reading “The 3 Things Your Recommendation Solution Should Tell You – but Doesn’t”

Why Acquires ExactTarget

On June 4, 2013 announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire ExactTarget. has been the dominant CRM platform for a decade. It should be the leader in all aspects of customer interaction. But in recent years, it has fallen behind in supporting marketing activities that are increasingly customer-focused, rather than segment-focused.Continue reading “Why Acquires ExactTarget”

75% of Marketers Think Recommendations are Good Enough

If recommendations are so important, why don’t companies invest in making them more effective? In a recent survey by Adobe, 40% of ecommerce respondents have automated recom-mendations on their sites, or are in the throes of implementing them. Roughly 1 in 5 media and financial services companies are investing in automated recommendations. Yet, half ofContinue reading “75% of Marketers Think Recommendations are Good Enough”

3 Automation Questions for Recommendations Solution Providers

A decade ago I watched vendors of site search solutions teach customers new skills: how to manage synonyms and common misspellings, how to identify poorly performing searches and improve them, how to change their content to produce better search results, how to create and manage rules to control search, how to offer the right navigationContinue reading “3 Automation Questions for Recommendations Solution Providers”

4 Customer Profile Questions for Evaluating Your Personalization Solution

Personalization is a concept open to wide interpretation – its meaning seems to be, well, personal. One man’s integrated marketing is another man’s personalized customer experience. But at heart, personalization is about persons. And this is why the customer profile is, or should be, at the heart of anything calling itself a personalization solution. HereContinue reading “4 Customer Profile Questions for Evaluating Your Personalization Solution”

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, God Dag, RichRelevance

On May 13, RichRelevance acquired Avail. This is very good news for RichRelevance. The combined company is now global, with customers in 29 countries. It is Numero Uno for personalization solutions in Internet Retailer’s rankings for USA and Europe. RichRelevance, founded 2006, is the leader in North American retail, serving a billion recommendations a day.Continue reading “Wilkommen, Bienvenue, God Dag, RichRelevance”