4 Steps to Personalization Success

Personalization is gardening. It’s energizing to image the garden in all its perfection. But after you plant it, you have to take care of it. Probably nearly every day. You’re not done until you decide you don’t want it any more. Companies unsuccessful with personalization think buying technology is enough. Or adding product recommendations toContinue reading “4 Steps to Personalization Success”

Top 5 Factors in Choosing a Recommendation System

I have published detailed requirements for recommendations systems, with at least a hundred questions you should consider when evaluating a solution. But a hundred details is not where you want to start your technology selection process. You start by narrowing your focus to find your most likely partners. I think there are just five factorsContinue reading “Top 5 Factors in Choosing a Recommendation System”

Certona’s Resonance Personalization Platform: Saving Retailers’ Wetware

Today’s marketers suffer from incomplete digital marketing platforms. They need many tools to support marketing functions across the channels and touchpoints their customers use. In fact, the current solution landscape offers too many tools, each its own silo. The result is that marketing teams find themselves using an artisanal marketing platform. Artisanal + food =Continue reading “Certona’s Resonance Personalization Platform: Saving Retailers’ Wetware”

Preparing for Do Not Track: Personalization and Privacy in 2013

Do Not Track legislation and similar initiatives are at odds with the techniques used to personalize the customer experience. On the one hand, advocates of consumer privacy demand that people control the information that is collected about them, and how it is used. On the other, the web sites and advertising networks want to adjustContinue reading “Preparing for Do Not Track: Personalization and Privacy in 2013”

2013 Prediction: Initiatives to Regulate Privacy #fail

Attempts to regulate consumer privacy will have no more than an emotional impact in 2013. Meaningful restrictions on data collection by advertisers and publishers will not happen, as legislators and regulators fail to achieve consensus and citizen support. Here are three reasons regulatory initiatives will not have any real impact in 2013. First, persistence andContinue reading “2013 Prediction: Initiatives to Regulate Privacy #fail”

2013 Prediction: Personalization Leaders Find the Way

Recommendations went mainstream in 2012. Personalization is still in the hands of early adopters. In 2013, the early adopters will figure out personalization, so that in 2014 the personalized customer experience can go mainstream. Vendors in the recommendations space sell personalization, but in 2012, they were delivering recommendations. Their technology supported personalization, but their clients’Continue reading “2013 Prediction: Personalization Leaders Find the Way”

Disruption in Advertising: Avail for Campaigns

Avail Intelligence is poised to accelerate a looming disruption in advertising. Its new advertising service, Avail for Campaigns, shifts power – and margin – to its clients, and away from advertising exchanges and agencies. Avail Intelligence, a veteran among the providers of recommendation services, has expanded their portfolio – and their underlying technology platform –Continue reading “Disruption in Advertising: Avail for Campaigns”

3 Things You Don’t Know About Your Personal Information

What Does it Mean to Own Our Private Information? You probably know that your personal information is collected, used, and sold by advertisers on the web. You understand that this is why you repeatedly see the same ad, which demonstrates Every One knows you want to buy Fox Head’s new Rampage Pro Carbon bike. IfContinue reading “3 Things You Don’t Know About Your Personal Information”

I, Target: Hazy Profiles Preserve Privacy?

Am I target, or waste? Is it important to know? Is it important to control the decision? Consumers’ privacy is eroded by the ascendency of online advertisers’ power and prowess. Not only do advertisers know much more about you than you know or permit, they will use it in ways you don’t like, can’t predict,Continue reading “I, Target: Hazy Profiles Preserve Privacy?”

Eagle Eyes on the Future: 3 Trends for 2013

image link In December I began posting interviews with leading technologists in the recommendations and personalization arena, asking their opinions on trends and futures. The experts were largely in agreement about where this digital marketing niche is headed. Their predictions for 2013 and the future highlight 3 trends that have already begun to emerge: mainstreamContinue reading “Eagle Eyes on the Future: 3 Trends for 2013”